First Entry Here!

Hey guys! So you found my blog page, huh? Welcome! Whether you came here from my social medias, my YouTube channel, or you somehow just landed here, I don’t really care but I’m happy that you’re here and I hope that you stick around!

This first entry won’t be that much, but future entries will be me talking about things in my life, both good and maybe bad. Again, this blog page is just for me to share my thoughts, document my life, and have some fun!

Um, yeah, honestly I don’t really know what more to say so here’s my nails that I did today:



I’ve wanted to create a blog for quite a while, and I decided that what better time to post my first entry than on the first day of 2017! (Happy New Years, by the way)

But yeah, I won’t have a schedule for posting but this little entry was just to tell you about what this will be. Again, I hope that you will stay, and you can check out my YouTube channel where I upload every Saturdays. See you soon!

• Kira •



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