What I’m Thinking…

Hey guys!! Yeah, it’s been a while, sorry that I haven’t done much of anything here since the very start of 2017, I have just honestly been very busy but I hope that I would be able to write on here more often. :’)

First of all, I’ve been thinking about having my blog be a photography page. Not 100% of my blog, but to have a lot of my blog to be about photography and photo edits and those kinda things. Who knows, I’ll see what happens as the main thing I want to fix right now is just to generally upload entries here A LOT more often.

It’s kinda like when you get that creativity motivation and you have an urge to just DO SOMETHING, but from previous experiences you know that it’s a matter of time before that creativity fizzles out completely. I have that right now, and along with a fear of commitment, it is always difficult when I get these urges. Who knows how long until they eventually fizzle out and then it’s just a brilliant idea gone to waste?

Haha sorry as I am just rambling here, but I’m just having these creativity motivation sprees and it makes me want to do something big to this blog page but I mean…. remember my fear of commitment?

Plus I just haven’t been able to conjure up anything special, but who knows. As I said before, we’ll see what happens.

But yeah ok I’m just rambling now. The only thing really is just that I’m thinking of putting a lot of photography and all that on my blog, that’s all to drill home today. I’ll see you guys! (hopefully soon)

• Kira •


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