Hey, I’m Back

Hey guys! Let’s cut right to the chase, I know I haven’t been active at all on this blog page and I’m sorry for that but I’ll admit it was because of a lack of time and motivation. However, it’s well into summer now and we all have some more free time so I am back and I am here to actually start frequently blogging here (yay!)

I still don’t quite know for sure what I’m going to dedicate this blog to but as of right now I will just write about things in my life worth sharing, updates and info connecting to my YouTube channel and other social media platforms, and (as mentioned in my latest entry) posting some cool photos that I manage to snap.

I am A LOT more active on my other social media platforms and have a bigger following there, obviously, so there are links to that on my blog page. Also, check out my YouTube channel which I’ve already talked about quite a lot but I will continue doing that lol. ;p Again, link to that is on my blog page.

Okie dokie, I got things in the works I promise, so I’ll see you guys real soon!

• Kira •



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